3 Techiques To Help You With Your Meditation Journey

Do you ever feel like, Oh My God, Stop please just Stop.   Or are you an entrepreneur looking for a way to release your creativity?

3 Techniques to Help You with Your Meditation Journey.. these just might be what the guru ordered…

Ha not me I am just a messenger.

I must admit that my Meditation Journey  has been a bit of a challenge of mine for some time… As life gets more complicated and busier I find myself chasing my tail… What I mean is that my brain is so full of stuff that I feel like I just want to take my head off my shoulders and put it down on the table, so that I can rest ha ha.  Do you ever feel like that?

orange-tornado-mdOur incessant to do lists, must do lists, tasks and obligations running around in our head like a whirl wind or should I say  tornado,  storm is more like it… How do you disconnect from the chaotic noise?



Meditation is a way to disconnect, unwind and gather our thoughts or Not, together so that we can accomplish what we set out to do.  Having nothing to think about is suppose to actually assist us with our creativity so that we can really bring it to the world.. Well if that is what you want to do.

I know meditation is good for you,  and I truly want to incorporate it into my daily method of operation (DMO) or tasks, too funny another thing to add to my list.  Yet every day I think about it, and tell my self,  I will do it this afternoon, or evening or better yet I am going to get up at 7am and meditate before I start my day… Yah Right :(

Every time I sit down to mediate my mind thinks its on a marathon…. So I give up…

However I continue to search for what might fit me….

Recently I went to an amazing shop her in Kelowna and the lady behind the counter suggested I get a timer and just sit for 3 min each day.. Nothing more nothing less…Just breath in and out, softly, not on purpose or forced just a relaxing breath that nourishes your body.  If any thoughts came up just observe and watch them float by as if on a cloud…. Didn’t sound to hard right?  well……….. kind of was bored.

Then I took  part in this  amazing 21 Day Miraculous Relationship Mediation Challenge,  guided by Deepak Chopra which was absolutely delicious…Looks like he still has it on sale, I will be purchasing it because it truly took me out of my head and into a whole another place.  Oprah is actually involved in this mediation as well, so you get a double whammy…. I highly recommend his amazing products.

Last but not least I am currently giving Mantra Meditation a try….. This is a  21 day Mantra Meditation Journey challenge and presently absolutely  FREE…. I did the Om today and was delighted in how it may me feel.  Chanting allows you to escape your head and truly feel the vibrations thru out your body.. I am so looking forward to how I feel at the end of the challenge.  You can join Us here….

If you are a  home business owner, I would like to encourage you to try on some meditation for size.. See how it helps you unleash your creativity and stop that incessant chatter that is going on between your ears…

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I hope these 3 techniques help you on your meditation journey, I welcome your feedback and thoughts… Please leave a comment below and let me know what works for you? maybe I might just have to check it out.

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I wish you Peach & Joy!

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Cindy ~ Meditation Junkie :)

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